Excellent Copy Solutions


Who is Radu?

I could write a book about who I am, my values,

And how I ended up where I am today.

But let’s keep it simple.

Once upon a time,

I could still play football and chase every ball like a determined cheetah.

However, as you may have noticed when it came to scoring goals,

I would miss the net more times than a clumsy seagull dive-bombing for fish.

Although my passion for football hasn’t changed,

And I’m still involved in the sport

(currently coaching a U11 team),

I developed an interest in business and advertising—specifically,


While on the football field,

I may have missed countless goals, in copywriting,

I turn those missed chances into epic wins with my wicked writing skills.

Why copywriting?

Copywriting became my chosen path,

Because I’m a curious soul, always hungry for new skills.

While universities offer education, I wanted something practical—

A tool I could wield.

So, I embraced my inner go-getter,

And embarked on a quest for knowledge.

In this pursuit, I stumbled upon Andrew Tate,

Whose ideas of modern manhood resonate with my personal ones.

The energy and passion within his words created a desire in me,

Encouraging me to step into The Real World,

Becoming a student at Hustle University.

Fast forward to today, and I can proudly proclaim that,

I’ve “graduated”

Armed with the mighty power of copywriting!

About me

Copywriting It’s a magical skill, a secret weapon that,
When wielded correctly,
Empowers people to acquire what they desire.
With words as my arsenal,
I have the power to captivate, persuade,
And positively impact lives.

It’s a thrilling journey of transformation and growth,
Where I get to sprinkle a little bit of enchantment into people’s lives.
So, here I am,
Ready to weave words that inspire,
Motivate, and make a difference.

Copywriting isn’t just my profession;
It’s my superpower.

Join me on this adventure,
As we unlock the true potential of communication,
And create a world where dreams come true,
One word at a time.

Are you ready to take on the world together?
Hustle, and rewrite the rules of success?

Secure your seatbelt,
Just like a kangaroo,
That wraps its little one in its protective chamber,

Because this ride will be epic!