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Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is safe

with me

While I focus on destroying old paperwork and ensuring the security of privacy and essential data,

there are a few things I’d like to inform you about.

Respecting Your Privacy

Rest assured, I will never share your data with third parties.

Your information remains strictly confidential in my hands.

Tech-Savvy Measures

I take precautions to protect your data. No memory sticks or shared networks for me –

my work is done on secure systems.

I’m meticulous about safeguarding against viruses and malware,

with regular backups to ensure nothing gets lost.

Your Data, Your Control

I will hold your data as securely as the crown jewels unless you request its removal.

If you ever want to access, update, or delete your information!

Simply email me at radu@excellentcopysolutions.com 

Honestly, I don’t have much data, to begin with – I may not even know your birthday.

A Word on External Links

Occasionally, I include external links and shortened URLs on my social media. 

While I strive to provide safe and relevant content,

it’s crucial to exercise caution and “Think before you link.” 

I cannot be held liable for any consequences that may arise from visiting external links.

But hey, I hope you’ll be too absorbed in exploring my website anyway!

Journeying Through My Website

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed navigating through my website. 

Please note that like all other websites, mine utilizes cookies to measure site traffic,

track page visits, and differentiate returning visitors from newcomers. 

While I employ Google Analytics to gather overall traffic insights,

rest assured that I cannot identify or track you personally.

Therefore make sure you subscribe to my email address to receive newsletters and future products.

Google ensures anonymity, so you can set aside those dark glasses now by sending an

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