The Reason Why New Businesses Fail

The Reason Why Businesses Fail!

If you are here, it is probably because YOU FAILED in the past,

and maybe, just maybe you will find your Answer Here!

You want to know the reason why new businesses fail!

You are here because you,

Want to Know What you are doing that kills your Business!

You are tired! 

You are tired of reading countless articles out there

suggesting various reasons why new businesses fail, 

Let’s be honest here!

How many times have you come across a website

claiming that the primary issue behind the downfall of your business is:

bad management,

lack of a business plan,

insufficient funds, and so on?

And by the way, Some of them seem completely Far-Fetched!

You Don’t Know?

Let me tell you—it’s been around a thousand times if not more.

Although, in reality, I believe the number is even higher.

But let’s not get caught up in the numbers game.

Let me help you out! since I have what you need,

The Problem!

Of course, everything comes with a price!

So let me tell you how I paid to price,

Because nothing in life comes without a price to pay,

Nothing is for Free, you will always have to give something in return!

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Allow me to share with you how I discovered

The reason why new businesses fail before they are open!

It all unfolded about ten years ago when I was in Italy,

enjoying a beautiful sunny day on the beach with my friend, George.

We decided to take a stroll along the cold,

wet sand, and that’s when something amazing happened.

There was a man on the beach carrying a hot potato on a stick,

using a “selling stand” on wheels of some sort,

With a voice so squeaky it resembled a door in desperate need of oil.

He was exclaiming, “Come get your potato!” 

We burst into laughter,

finding his antics immensely amusing.

After that lighthearted moment,

we somehow found ourselves consumed in a conversation about potatoes


Don’t ask me why, the universe has a strange way of making things happen!


During our conversation about the different varieties of potatoes and their prices,

10 countries, 10 ways how they are used, and 10 recipes later,


Just like a bolt of lightning hitting a tree,

breaking the branches, and surprising a squirrel who yells:

“Acornado! Acornado! Take cover, my nutty comrades!”

We had a brilliant idea to start an agricultural company,

that would sell purple potatoes exclusively to wealthy people!

“But why the purple potato?” you might ask.

Well, if you’re unaware, let me enlighten you.

Purple potatoes were popular ten years ago (and possibly still are).

They fetched a staggering price of,

$10 for a mere four potatoes.

I know, it’s insane!

We estimated a potential profit of at least

$300,000 for every 10,000 square meters,

and we had 50.

With our minds set on the idea,

we took the plunge and opened the business.

We began finding an accountant, a lawyer,

an office space, and workers.

While it was a smart move to hire people for farming,

the rest of the bureaucratic tasks

turned out to be a colossal waste of time.

Let me explain why.

While our workers diligently tended to the land,

my friend and I were running around the city,

trying to gather the necessary documents.

Hours upon hours were spent,

accompanied by draining expenses on useless items.

But why were they useless, you ask?

Well, here’s the kicker—

We didn’t even have a product to generate money,

Yet we were already spending money,

as if we were swimming in riches.

To cut a long story short,

we closed the company after a mere five months.

And NO,

The reason wasn’t because we failed to produce the product

or due to a flawed marketing plan.

We didn’t fail at paperwork.

Our business plan was solid,

We ensured our workers were paid on time.

So, what led to our failure? 


Reason why new businesses fail

How could that happen? What did we spend our money on?

The answer is simple!

Salaries, accountants, lawyers, and other expenses

drained our resources

before we could sell a single purple potato.



I understand that this may sound unconventional to you.

You’re probably wondering,

How am I supposed to build my business?

How can I grow my product?

What about lawyers? Accountants? Taxes?

The list goes on. But guess what?

You don’t need all that—at least not initially.

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The most critical questions you need to ask yourself are:

Am I making money?

Do I truly need to hire a lawyer, and spend thousands

on something that doesn’t bring in revenue?

Do I need an accountant to handle my finances?

Do I need office space?

The truth is, you don’t!

What you really need to focus on:


Ensure it’s well-developed and ready for the market.

Educate yourself about the industry you’re entering,

Develop a strategy to sell your product.

And here’s the most important thing:

Start by doing it for FREE!

How, you ask? It’s simple —

Find ways to:

build, rent, and hire without spending a penny.

That’s the only way to do it. 

Once you have all the essentials in place,

and start making money, 7

you can consider investing in other aspects of your business.

If you do believe me,

That’s fantastic — go ahead and give it a shot!

If not! Your problem!

You can give it a try, or keep LOSING!

But remember!

It’s time to stop focusing on things you don’t need and start –

Prioritizing What You Truly NEED!

Now that you know what steps to take,

you can change how you approach building your business

and creating the company you’ve always dreamed of.

Want to know more about Radu,

Where he Graduated, and what he knows?

Check out the “About Us” section!


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